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Aunique place that lays its foundations in the Roman era ...

Archeological digs in Saint-Vincent have brought to light a big Roman thermal bath, situated under the Church. Since the building is located near a Roman road, it is assumed that it was a “Mansio”. The building is dated at the end of the 2nd century and the beginning of the 3rd century on a site which was already inhabited during the Late Bronze Age.

The Roman building occupied a larger area than the present Church (which was built at the end of the First century).

The “Mansione” had a rectangular shape organized around a court yard, and it included an inning hall, baths, rooms, and stables for horses, barns and depots for vehicles.

Our restaurant is situated in the ancient “Mansio”, specifically in a big stable for horses. The room has four ribbed brick vaults growing from one central column, built by Piedmontese masters in 1864 on the Roman findings.

In the important historical building you’ll enjoy a unique atmosphere, enhanced by food and wine. The combination is a perfect union o flavors and perfumes.

You will have the possibility to admire and savor our meats selection, grilled in the majestic fireplace in the center of the room. Moreover you will savor and enjoy Aosta Valley traditional dishes, chosen by our Chef.

Our sommelier Sylvie will present you wines from our rich cave and she will be glad to suggest the perfect wine to accompany your choice of meal.


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L'albergo è convenzionato con i servizi termali delle Terme di Saint-Vincent


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