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SYLVIE , the daughter. After her Italian-French graduation in communication, she came back to Aosta Valley with a clear purpose: promote our extraordinary region and its local products. Awaiting the B&B opening, Sylvie decided to take a sommelier course at the local section. Thus she discovered a new word rich in inebriating and fascinating colours, fragrances and tastes. From that time, Sylvie started a long journey, studying and working until she reached a lot of important results. For instance, she won the important scholarship as best sommelier of Northern Italy, financed by the Italian wine maker and distiller MASCHIO/BONAVENTURA, in cooperation with the Italian Association of Sommeliers.

Sylvie She will be pleased to help you to discover the world of wines and foods of our Region.

RENÉ, the father. René will help you for any necessity. Born in 1945, René’s past represents the economic and social development of our Region. Until his 20's, in the winter months he was studying, whilst for the rest of the year he was working in his family’s homestead up in the mountains. This experience shaped his personality with strong will and also his body; the mountain’s silence and majesty, the beauty of flowers, made him a man of extreme emotional sensitivity, a man in love with his mountains. From the age of 20 years till his retirement, René worked at the San Paolo bank in Turin as employee specialized in disbursement of credit to the small enterprises.

If you like, you can talk to him to better know and discover the hidden soul of Aosta Valley, his history, his local products. So when you will go home, returning to your everyday life, a little magic spark of our Region will stay with you and will push you to come again to Aosta Valley to make new discovers.

ROSELLA, the mother. She studied at catering and hospitality training institute but her real passion is the historic and artistic research. After a long period dedicated to research, she published (with two other authors) the book “Pontey, Storia e immagini di una comunità” (“Pontey, History and images of a community”), that in 2000 won the first regional award “René Willien” for the best book of the year.

With her being a specialist of the field, you can ask to her any kind of information about historic, artistic and archaeological heritage of Aosta Valley.

Rosella will be at hand to make your stay pleasant and charming.

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